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Independent and BRW Filmland shoot Italian locations for new Maserati

Independent and partner BRW Filmland have put the new Maserati Quattroporte through its paces in western and central Italy. Croatia and Spain were considered as filming locations, but the team decided they lacked the requisite authenticity.

Director Nigel Simpkiss’ stylish mood piece Life's Gran Tour focussed on locations like Cala Moresca on the west coast of Italy, Macchia Faggeta further east and the city of Florence, but keeping the top-secret new Maserati away from prying eyes was a real challenge.

“One of the big issues was the car hadn't been released to the public so it couldn't be seen by anyone,” explains Executive Producer Matt C Minor: “The hero car simply couldn't be exposed to the public at all at any time.”

Filming locations weren’t usually more than four hours’ drive from each other over the six-day shoot, with the Maserati transported on a closed truck and covered between takes. Eventually urban environments had to be avoided altogether to avoid the risk of someone taking a sneaky snap, despite police and PAs ensuring the sets stayed closed.

“At one point,” Minor adds, “there was a rumour that a photographer had made his way onto a really remote road and was hiding behind a bush in order to get a picture of the car - we had to stop filming.”

Client: Maserati
Agency: The House World Wide
Executive Creative Director: Marcus Vinton
Production Companies: Independent and BRW Filmland
Producers: Claudio Cicoli and Liza Fisher
Executive Producers: Matt C Minor and Maurizio Coppolecchia
Director of Photography: Andrew Boulter
Director: Nigel Simpkiss

Stills: Justin Leighton


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