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Mulla Productions deflects rogue meteor filming on location in Israel for Pelephone

Mulla Productions in Tel Aviv filmed on location near Jerusalem for its new Pelephone commercial. The spot shows a group of wacky scientists – representing Pelephone’s anti-virus measures – using an enormous trampoline to defend a remote cabin from a meteor strike.

A combination of costing and greater convenience for director Eli Sverdlov convinced the production team to choose Israel over South Africa. Filming took place on an expansive field using visual effects to make the production look bigger. The wooden house was in fact a model just two-by-two metres in size.

“We really only had very few vehicles - three of those fantastical cars and three Segways,” explains Vered Sapir-Fragman, Sverdlov’s agent: “Multiplying our resources was important not only for the vehicles, but we also only had seven extras and two main actors in the rescue team!”

The trampoline and other meteor-deflection apparatus were added in post-production, along with - less obviously - the vast mountain range in the background.

Client: Pelephone
Agency: ACW Grey
Creative Director: Ziv Meiri
Production Company: Mulla Productions, Tel Aviv
Executive Producer: Gil Boraks
Director of Photography: Avi Koren
Director: Eli Sverdlov


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