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RSA Films and Jake Scott use scenic Iceland filming locations for Hewlett Packard

RSA Films and director Jake Scott headed to northern Iceland to film a campaign for software company Hewlett Packard. The spot shows a family in a picturesque fishing village using a new HP printer to promote their charter fishing boat trips.

Initially the search for a colourful village took servicing company Pegasus Pictures to Greenland, but costs convinced them to look for alternatives in Iceland. They found Siglufjord five hours from Reykjavik in the north of the country, which by coincidence had just had a lot of colour added to it as part of a new image campaign.

“It’s nestled between high mountains on either side of the fjord and normally has pretty calm weather, although they tend to get a lot of snow in winter,” comments Einar Sveinn of Pegasus: “There’s a very nice, friendly, calm vibe in the town and it was the final choice for the filming.”

The production team was hit by bad weather during prep, working through “gale-force winds and horizontal rain”, which was followed by unseasonal sleet and snow. Despite fears that the shoot would be cancelled, the weather abruptly cleared for the first day of filming and they even managed to bring up a helicopter for some aerial shots.

By the time the storm returned they had all the exterior footage they needed. “It was as if we had had control over the weather for the shoot dates,” Sveinn recalls: “Strange.”

Client: Hewlett Packard
Agency: BBDO
Production Company: RSA Films
Producer: David Mitchell
Production Service Company: Pegasus Pictures, Reykjavik
Director of Photography: Mark Patton
Director: Jake Scott


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