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Isle of Man filming locations double for Nepal in Pinewood Studios film project

New feature Camera Trap is doubling the Isle of Man for Nepal for a production that involves Pinewood Studios. Pinewood recently agreed a deal to manage Isle of Man Media Development Fund and the company is providing resources for Camera Trap.

The film tells the story of a group of natural history experts who travel to Nepal with modern camera equipment to track a mysterious creature that’s killing livestock. Detailed research matched real Nepal terrain with suitable Isle of Man equivalents, but the production will also film some scenes in Asia.

“We took over the new hotel in Ramsey,” Pinewood Shepperton’s Stephen Christian told Isle of Man Today: “They’ve been very patient and tolerant, while we’ve been getting back at four in the morning. The local spend is so valuable for this time of year. The Forestry Board has been terrific too, which is typical of the island. Filmmakers aren’t used to that level of co-operation!”

True-life period drama Belle was the first production to come out of the new partnership between Isle of Man and Pinewood Shepperton. The film doubled the isle for 18th Century Bristol in late 2012 and spent about GBP1 million locally.

To find out more about filming on Isle of Man click here.


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