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ECU Productions dodges Cairo demonstrations on location for Vodafone

Cairo-based ECU Productions dodged political demonstrations in the Egyptian capital to film a new spot for Vodafone. The commercial shows a group of energetic shopkeepers tagging each other along their street.

“Most of the commercial was shot in Cairo’s downtown [region], where most small- to medium-sized enterprises operate,” explains Philippa Clayre of JWT: “The purpose of shooting in that location was to give a real-life feel to the commercial."

“It was very challenging to shoot in these locations," Clayre adds, "due to the fact that it was at the core of the Egypt demonstrations at the time. We faced several production challenges to get shooting permits and to make sure that all shooting safety measures were taken. It was risky [but] our objectives wouldn’t have been met otherwise.”

They filmed in shops that were side-by-side to facilitate the one-shot style. The businesses were real but actors were used for the actual relay.

Client: Vodafone
Agency: JWT
Production Company: ECU Productions, Cairo
Director of Photography: Niels Boon
Director: Peter Dietrich


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