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London boroughs using cloud-based software to ease location filming plans

Cloud-based software is helping ease the process of location filming in the majority of London’s boroughs. FilmApp is designed to streamline location filming applications and connect Location Managers and Producers with the relevant organisations and resources.

First launched in 2007, FilmApp was developed by outsourced film office manager Film Fixer. It has been improved over the years and version 2.2 was released in February this year. The software is used in 19 of London’s 32 boroughs and Film Fixer manages the film offices of nine of these boroughs, including Southwark, Lewisham, Camden and Bexley.

“The aim is to have a standardised system throughout London that assists Location Managers and Producers,” says Film Fixer’s Karen Everett: “Central London locations are often considered to be more film-friendly, but there’s a lot on offer in the outer boroughs too.”

Users register with FilmApp and then enter the details of the specific production they’re working with. They’re then steered towards questions relevant to the nature of the production, whether they’re a small-scale shoot with a couple of crew members and a handheld camera, or a large-scale studio project requiring street closures and complex stunt work.

The aim is to have a standardised system throughout London that assists Location Managers and Producers.

Karen Everett, Film Fixer

“The London Olympics gave us a big boost in 2012,” Everett adds: “Filming was generally tricky in Central London locations so more scouting went on in the outer boroughs.

“Location Managers and Producers got a much stronger sense of the practicalities of London travel and found that it’s not that difficult getting from one place to another. Plus they were finding new locations along the way.”

While FilmApp is designed to streamline production planning, it also helps keep track of filming trends. This will be particularly useful when the TV filming tax credit is launched in the UK in the coming months, which should attract high-end productions that would otherwise have gone to places like Ireland, South Africa and Eastern Europe.

“Recently we’ve worked on productions including Skyfall (above) and World War Z,” Everett comments: “FilmApp facilitates consultations with the relevant local authorities. Standardising the process between different city boroughs is one of our key aims and we plan to expand the software beyond London.”

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