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Disney supports New Mexico’s proposed ‘Breaking Bad’ TV filming incentive

A top Disney production executive has voiced her support for New Mexico’s proposed ‘Breaking Bad’ TV filming incentive. The programme would increase the state’s TV location filming tax credit from 25% to 30%.

Mary Ann Hughes is Vice President for Film & Television Production Planning at Disney and told the Albuquerque Journal that the New Mexico filming incentive was a potential “game changer”.

“It puts New Mexico as among the top leaders in the world regarding locations for a television series ... It would be our top choice,” Hughes told the outlet.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ bill is named after the critically-acclaimed drama series (above) that’s coming to an end after five seasons based in Albuquerque.

Although the bill's been approved by New Mexico’s state legislature, its future is uncertain because it does not have the support of Governor Susana Martinez. She disapproves of filming incentives and was instrumental in lowering the existing programme’s annual funding cap in 2011.

Update (18 March):
Governor Martinez vetoed the 'Breaking Bad' bill, so the filming incentive proposal will need to be repackaged to win her support.


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