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New report could lead to Norway location filming incentives

The Norwegian government will commission a report to assess the impact of location filming incentive programmes around the world. It’s a move that could eventually lead to filming incentives being launched in Norway.

Norway’s production industry has been engaged in a long-term lobbying campaign to have filming incentives introduced. The study, announced by the Minister for Culture in an interview with Norwegian daily Dagbladet, will look at existing incentive models and results around the world to assess how effective they are.

“We have never had such a systematic review,” Minister Hadia Tajik told the outlet: “We will look at the different countries and both identify what models they have used and what effect they have had. I want to ensure that a film incentive, if it is to be implemented in Norway, is as targeted as possible.”

Norwegian features are increasingly filming away from home to take advantage of international incentives, but there’s an increased cinematic interest in Nordic themes. History Channel’s first scripted drama Vikings is one of the latest examples and uses filming tax credits in Ireland.

“This Nordic momentum also shows off an increasing interest in Norway as a production destination,” says Sigmund Elias Holm of Western Norway Film Commission: “As I see it, this initiative taken by the government comes after both popular and industry demand.

“Film stories and financing are crossing borders at an increasing pace, with incentives bridging countries. Norway needs to be a part of that.”

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