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Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier filming mainly in Los Angeles

Marvel’s superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shooting mainly on location in Los Angeles. Its production budget is too large to qualify for California’s filming incentive, but the decision was easier as the sequel is set in modern-day America.

James Lin is Supervising Location Manager on the film and spoke to the LA Times: “Through our brainstorming we realised that if you do a hard comparison in terms of what actual money you get from the rebate and the actual money you might spend for hard costs, such as per diems for housing, food and travel, sometimes it's a wash.”

Most of the 80-day shoot will take place in California, but the production will also film on location in Washington, DC, and Cleveland in Ohio, which Marvel doubled for New York City in Avengers Assemble.

The first Captain America film was shot extensively in the UK. Production was based at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios and, as an origin story exploring Captain America’s World War II roots, the movie doubled parts of Liverpool and Manchester for 1940s-era New York.

(Stills: Marvel)


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