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Academy Films captures New Zealand lakeshore tranquillity on location for Vodafone

Academy Films headed to Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand’s South Island to film a new spot for mobile provider Vodafone. Lake shows a woman relaxing on a jetty in warm sunshine as clear water laps around her and she ignores the loud vibrate of her phone.

“We considered places like Mexico and Thailand for the shoot,” explains Academy Films Producer Simon Cooper, “but we eventually opted for New Zealand and Lake Wakatipu. It was a combination of the extraordinary clarity of the water and the warmth and sunlight of the location.”

Wakatipu is the longest lake in New Zealand and snakes 50 miles past Queenstown in Otago. Academy filmed at a spot 25km from the tourist hub and built the jetty on which the woman rests. Overhead shots framing her against the rippling water were filmed using a 30-metre-high crane that was anchored to level ground on the beach.

“It was a compelling location,” Cooper adds: “It’s only a short distance from Queenstown and yet there wasn’t a car, a house or a person anywhere in sight. We spent three days filming, allowing for various weather contingencies. The biggest challenge was the sand flies on the shore!”

Client: Vodafone
Agency: Grey, London
Creative Director: Jonathan Marlow
Agency Producer: Ange Eleini
Production Company: Academy Films, London
Producer: Simon Cooper
Production Service Company: Big Pictures, Auckland
Line Producer: William Grieve
Director: Frédéric Planchon


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