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Cannes Soiree Partner 2013: Finnish Lapland Film Commission

Finnish Lapland Film Commission has joined The Location Guide as a partner for our Soiree at the Cannes Lions Festival. The commission was founded in 2008 and facilitates projects filming in Finnish Lapland all the way from pre-production through to the end of the shoot.

“We’re heading to Cannes Lions to meet old friends and make tons of new ones,” says the Finnish Lapland Film Commission's Project Manager Johanna Karppinen.

“We’ll be promoting Lapland as a filming location so that they'll know who to call next time they have a location shoot in the pipeline. Cannes Lions is all about networking!”

Finnish Lapland is a popular filming location for features, commercials and TV shows, and is only a few hours’ flight from all the main European travel hubs, via a short hop north from Helsinki.

The region offers reliable snow conditions during the winter months with well-maintained winter roads and a skilled crew base. Finnish Lapland may be best known for its colder months but it has distinct seasons, including bold autumn colours and, because of its northerly latitude, 24-hour sunlight at the height of summer.

To find out more about the Finnish Lapland Film Commission click here.

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