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Hawaii eyes Jurassic Park sequel with location filming incentive boost

Hawaii is hoping to broaden its appeal to films like the delayed Jurassic Park 4 by boosting its filming incentive programme. Places like Honolulu with larger populations will now offer filming tax credits of up to 20% (up from 15%), while the smaller islands will offer 25% (up from 20%).

“We need to really step things up again. If we want to be in this industry, if we want to be in this game, this is the cost to do business,” the state’s Film Commissioner Donne Dawson told Hawaii News Now: “I'm all about the incremental growth and the managed growth that is not going to blow the door wide open, but is going to demonstrate that we can do this and do this responsibly.”

Hawaii currently hosts the rebooted crime drama Hawaii Five-O, while Gareth Edwards’ adaptation of Godzilla will also film scenes locally. Jurassic Park 4 is believed to have earmarked Hawaii as a filming location, although the production has been delayed in the writing stage.

(Main page Jurassic Park image: Universal Pictures)


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