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Lithuania launches 20% filming incentive

Lithuania has launched a new 20% location filming incentive in a bid to boost the country’s production industry. The programme will become available on 1 January 2014 and will run until the end of 2018.

“This incentive is vitally important for our film industry,” said Arturas Zuokas, Mayor of Vilnius: “The income tax amendment will encourage Hollywood’s and Europe’s greatest filmmakers to choose Vilnius and Lithuania for shooting, bringing with them tax revenue and new jobs. This incentive will benefit not just the film industry, but the entire country.”

“The absence of tax incentives caused us to lose projects worth millions as their creators decide to take them elsewhere,” added Jūratė Pazikaitė, Director of Vilnius Film Office: “I am very pleased that this situation changed today and that Vilnius is once again in the running as a cost effective location with highly educated and greatly skilled human resources.”

Lithuanian officials have predicted a three-fold increase in production when the filming incentive becomes active in 2014.

(Photo: Andrius Ufartas)


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