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Pennsylvania senator to push un-capped location filming incentive

A senator in Pennsylvania has pledged to introduce legislation to remove the annual cap on the US state’s location filming incentive programme. The move could help Pennsylvania attract more features on the scale of Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Pennsylvania currently offers a 25% filming tax credit but has an annual cap of USD60 million, which is considered by many to be too low.

“The film tax credit has created an industry in Pennsylvania,” Senator Dominic Pileggi said: “Establishing an ‘uncapped’ programme here - as about a dozen other states have done - will allow us to take full advantage of the programme’s potential.

“The film tax credit is a strong tool for job creation generally and it’s proven to be a tremendous way for Pennsylvania to fight ‘brain drain’ (losing skilled personnel to other states) in particular. One of the reasons I’m introducing this bill is to help reverse the decades-long trend of Pennsylvania losing talented young people to other states.”

Should Pileggi’s legislation prove successful, it could have a big impact on Pennsylvania’s production industry, which ranked fifth in the US in 2011.

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(Dark Knight Rises photo courtesy of Warner Bros)


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