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Palace of Westminster in London may allow commercial filming

The Palace of Westminster in London – home to the Houses of Parliament – could become available as a commercial filming location. Politicians will consider the move as part of a wider proposal to cut costs in the Commons and to raise more money to help with general running costs.

Cameras are currently allowed into Parliament only to film political proceedings and newscasts, but the palace could charge fees of up to GBP10,000 a day for use as a filming location.

“The House of Commons Administration Committee has agreed to recommend to the commission that we should offer the Commons estate for filming when the House isn't sitting. The commission will be looking at it towards the end of July,” said a House of Commons spokesman.

London has a global reputation as a film-friendly city and has a strong track record of allowing big-budget features to film in iconic central locations. Skyfall spent months filming throughout Whitehall and on the Underground, and Tom Cruise’s dystopian sci-fi All You Need Is Kill recently shut down Trafalgar Square.


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