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UK filming incentives win Hollywood favour over US locations for summer movies

Reliable and generous location filming incentives in the UK helped secure some of this summer’s biggest movies over California and the wider US. Brad Pitt’s zombie drama World War Z and action sequel Fast & Furious 6 are among this year’s big UK-filmed summer movies.

Filmmaker JJ Abrams will use UK filming locations for the new Star Wars movie, as will Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers sequel. The UK’s deep crew base and world-class facilities like Pinewood Studios only add to the international appeal.

“In the US, producers always worry that the laws for credits will change or that there won't be any money left,” Joseph Chianese of Hollywood payroll services company Entertainment Parters told The Wrap: “But the UK has been consistent and when and if the rules do change, they only change to improve and expand the incentives.”

“The lesson here is four words - California legislature is stupid,” Matt Galsor, of star LA law firm Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman & Machtinger, added to the outlet: “Every dollar that they incentivise to bring into the UK generates incredible revenue. They are printing money by this scheme. We in California are too inept to get it through because it may look like you are giving incentives to people who are not poor.”

The UK has been consistent and when and if the rules do change, they only change to improve and expand the incentives.

Joseph Chianese, Entertainment Partners

In the US, filming incentives are a polarising subject, with many politicians convinced the money simply lines the pockets of wealthy producers at the expense of local economies. As a result filming tax credits are often short-term and - with a few high-profile exceptions - generally have limited funds to offer big-budget productions.

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(Avengers Assemble photo courtesy of Marvel)


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