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Chicago prepares for Transformers 4 and Jupiter Ascending location filming

Chicago is hosting a summer of location filming spearheaded by the latest Transformers movie and the Wachowski siblings’ new sci-fi feature Jupiter Ascending. The city will also be hosting six ongoing television series.

“We’ve always known that Chicago has beautiful backdrops and a thriving creative community, and over the course of the last few years, the film industry has made this discovery as well,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “These film and television projects will continue to grow our local creative workforce, keeping jobs right here at home in Chicago.”

Both Jupiter Ascending and Transformers are expected to generate around USD25 million locally.

Chicago has had a prolific on-screen presence in recent years. The Transformers franchise is a repeat visitor and the city starred as Gotham City in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, while also appearing as Metropolis in Man of Steel. Filmmakers shooting in Illinois can access a competitive 30% filming tax credit.


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