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Hallmark TV filming finds challenges on location in Colorado

Hallmark Channel and production company Frontier Productions have faced some challenges finding suitable filming locations in Colorado for a new period miniseries. The team behind When Calls the Heart announced a location shoot in Telluride, south-west Colorado, a few weeks ago.

Filming will involve building an early-1900s village set, but the production team has had some problems securing permissions from multiple landowners and avoiding costly landscaping procedures for the set build. The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media remains optimistic, the Telluride Daily Planet reports.

“There have been glitches,” film office director Donald Zuckerman told the outlet: “It was looking shaky, but I believe we are very much back on track and we are trying to close deals now.”

When Calls the Heart is set to become the first dramatic TV series in more than 20 years to film on location in Colorado and the production is getting a 20% filming rebate. If the series gets an order for an extended first season run, the local area could benefit to the tune of some USD15 million.


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