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Landia brings skateboarding to Sao Paulo filming for ESPN Xgames

Landia followed Brazilian pro-skateboarder Karen Jones on location in Sao Paulo in a new spot for Xgames, an action sports competition run by broadcaster ESPN. Born Free follows Jones and a BMX-riding friend as they turn the city into a skating playground.

Trips to the rougher parts of Sao Paulo were needed to get the spot’s desired feel, so avoiding unpleasant encounters with drug users proved a challenge.

“As we didn't have much of a budget, the set dressing was minimal, but crucial,” explains director Rodrigo Saavedra: “The pool scene in the end for example isn't actually a pool. That culture of skating pools doesn't exist in Sao Paulo, but this is how skateboarding started. So we wanted to pay homage to that. When we couldn't find a pool, we dressed a purpose-built skateboarding bowl to look like an abandoned backyard pool.”

I was in Brazil; the DoP was in Brazil; the skateboarder and the agency were in Brazil. We had to make Sao Paulo work!

Rodrigo Saavedra, Director

The city as portrayed in the spot is intended as a generic urban backdrop. Sao Paulo was the only filming location choice given the tight budget and the fact that the principal cast and crew were based there.

“I was in Brazil, the DoP was in Brazil, the skateboarder and the agency were in Brazil - we had to make Sao Paulo work!” Saavedra finishes.

Client: ESPN Xgames
Agency: Africa
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Saavedra and Vico Benevides
Agency Producer: Mariane Goebel
Production Company: Landia
Producers: Carol Dantas, Seba Hall
Director of Photography: Pierre de Kerchove
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra


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