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Detroit filming incentives helped secure TV drama Low Winter Sun

Filming incentives in Detroit helped secure new TV drama Low Winter Sun for Michigan, the show’s executive producer has revealed. The series received an incentive payment of USD7.5 million to chart a story of police corruption in the city.

“I think practically, us being able to film it here was a huge, huge thing,” executive producer Chris Mundy told a preview audience, according to AnnArbor.com: “I think without the incentives, it would have been harder for us to be here. Hopefully, we’re pouring a lot of money back into the community.”

The show is in fact a remake of an Edinburgh-set miniseries from 2006, but the US version retains the original’s lead actor, Mark Strong.

“Edinburgh’s nowhere near as cool as Detroit,” Strong told the preview audience: “[Edinburgh] has a looming presence. It’s a very Gothic city. It’s a character in the original story and that’s what’s amazing about Detroit. It’s definitely a character within our story. It has such an incredible history.”

I think without the incentives, it would have been harder for us to be here.

Chris Mundy, Executive Producer

Detroit is having an extremely troubled time, having recently become the largest US city to file for bankruptcy. It nevertheless retains its appeal for filmmakers and is hosting scenes for Transformers 4 this summer. Michigan offers filming incentive grants of up to 32%.

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