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Fast & Furious 7 confirmed for location filming in Abu Dhabi

Action sequel Fast & Furious 7 has been confirmed for location filming in Abu Dhabi. The franchise is developing a reputation for exotic global shoots and will also be filming in Tokyo and in the US states of Georgia and Louisiana for its seventh outing.

Egypt was the producers’ original choice, according to an interview in The National with twofour54 chief executive Noura Al Kaabi, but then political turbulence led them to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) instead.

“They shifted and now they are looking at the UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi. That will be our next Hollywood film to benefit from the rebate,” Al Kaabi told the outlet.

Abu Dhabi offers a 30% filming incentive and was also recently chosen as a filming location for selected scenes for Jerry Bruckheimer feature Beware the Night.

The Fast & Furious production team have used the film’s Facebook page to ask fans for location filming suggestions.


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