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Fargo TV miniseries to choose between Manitoba and Alberta filming locations

A final decision is imminent on whether Manitoba or Alberta in Canada will become the filming location for a new TV miniseries based on the Oscar-winning crime film Fargo. The original 1996 feature took its name from a city in North Dakota but was shot mainly in Minnesota.

“There are a lot of factors involved - economics, crew availability, what we find in terms of locations and, to a certain extent, weather,” FX Networks CEO John Landgraf told the Winnipeg Free Press: “Ironically, in this case we want inclement weather - not so inclement that you can't shoot, but certainly inclement enough that there's snow.”

“We've been told we can't be guaranteed snow in either location until after about November 1st, which is kind of late, but that's when we're going to go into production,” FX Network's Eric Schrier added to the outlet: “We're deciding between the two (Manitoba and Alberta), and it's very complex in terms of the tax rebates and the differences between the provincial tax deals. We're just trying to weigh both of them and figure it out.”

The original feature film Fargo follows the increasingly desperate exploits of a businessman in a wintry corner of small-town America whose plan to set up the kidnapping of his wife backfires spectacularly.

We've been told we can't be guaranteed snow in either location until after about November 1st.

Eric Schrier, FX Network

Fargo’s remote snowy setting was a crucial element of the film’s feel and FX is clearly pursuing similar themes with the new miniseries.

(Fargo stills courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios)


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