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Filming on location with Fox Telecolombia

You´ve probably heard about the recent cash rebate law approved by the Colombian government for feature films partially or completely produced on location in the country.

Forty per cent of 'film services' expenses on feature films, TV movies, documentaries and animation projects will be given back to the producer, as well as 20% of all 'film logistical services'. Sounds great, right? Well, it gets better!

The great news is that Colombia can also offer professional, experienced and talented people, and state-of-the-art equipment in order to kick-start your project and have a great end result.

Fox Telecolombia is considered a pioneer within the local and regional industry. We were chosen to work on the first American series produced in Latin America a couple of years ago and we are recognised as a leader in innovation, creativity and evolution in the content production industry.

We have some of the most complete and integral facilities (more than 140,000 sq ft of facilities including five sound stages), the best talent and knowhow of the methods and production protocols for international standard projects - no matter their size or scope - with a guaranteed cost-efficient business model.

We have expertise in the production of films and TV shows, and we have a presence in various locations within the Americas. Fox Telecolombia is your one-stop solution for your upcoming production.

No matter what stage you are at with your production, Fox Telecolombia can offer solutions from the writing through to post-production, including colour-correction and visual effects.

Welcome to Colombia, welcome to Fox Telecolombia.

For more information please contact Ana Barreto here or visit Fox Telecolombia's website.

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