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Concern in Auckland production industry as NZ filming incentives stay static

New Zealand’s move to keep filming rebates static at 15% is causing concern for Auckland’s production industry. The government has reduced spending thresholds on its filming grants rather than increasing the rebates, prompting fears that shows of the calibre of Spartacus will go elsewhere.

Auckland’s production industry is focussed on television and has been sustained over the years by popular shows like Hercules, Spartacus and Power Rangers. However, Power Rangers is the only major show still in production and its future in New Zealand is in doubt.

“Everyone is desperately hoping another Spartacus will come along,” Grant Baker, of post-production company Images and Sound, told the New Zealand Herald: “It's less and less likely. Auckland has built up a really good reputation internationally and a lot of expertise. The worry is if we lose the capability and manage to win a show in six months' time, there won't be enough skilled people to make it work.”

Auckland faces an uncertain future, given that it lacks Wellington’s world-class studio facilities and the national 15% rebate figure falls below many of New Zealand’s international competitors.

(Spartacus stills: Starz Entertainment)


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