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Wayward Pines TV miniseries recreates Idaho filming in British Columbia

New TV drama miniseries Wayward Pines is filming on location in the community of Agassiz near Vancouver with Sixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan. The small British Columbia town is doubling for the US state of Idaho and filming will take place on and off until February 2014.

“We are paying the District of Kent a monthly permit fee of a significant amount,” Location Manager David Tamkin told the Agassiz Observer: “There are also 30, 40 or 50 people staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, doing their laundry and all of that regular living stuff.

“All those things add up and essentially we'll leave a million dollars in the area that wasn't here before.”

Tamkin added that the local available crew pool is smaller than usual because Brad Bird and George Clooney are filming the big-budget Disney feature Tomorrowland in Vancouver.

Wayward Pines follows a Secret Service agent travelling to the eponymous Idaho town on the trail of a pair of missing federal agents. The show’s tone is being likened to David Lynch’s seminal series Twin Peaks.

(Image: Fox)


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