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Quad Productions films Ecuador and Galapagos Islands for Samsung

Paris-based Quad Productions headed to the Ecuadorian jungle and the unique landscapes of the Galapagos Islands to showcase the picture quality on Samsung’s new curved OLED TV. The spot features atmospheric natural vistas and exotic animals prowling in the wild.

Filming took place over 12 days and Quad enlisted the help of new service company Paqta Peru Productions, which specialises in Peruvian and Ecuadorian locations. The shoot began in the Cuyabeno National Reserve in north-eastern Ecuador near the borders with Colombia and Peru.

“Some of the equipment travelled by night in two trucks [complete] with equipment security,” explains Diego López-Mobilia, executive producer with Paqta: “The rest of the team travelled by plane on the only morning flight and shipped to the reserve by canoe in two hours. We filmed at different places in the jungle with all the necessary standards and care for the reserve and people involved.”

Production then shifted to the Galapagos Islands – an Ecuadorian territory just under 600 miles off the country’s coast – for five days of filming.

“There were two yachts dedicated to the project and additional motor boats for mobilisations,” López-Mobilia continues: “We worked with local and foreign professional divers specialised in underwater shooting. We needed special permits from the National Park of Galapagos to be able to shoot in the chosen locations.”

The production team was accompanied by a security team throughout the shoot and a doctor was also present in case of any problems with local wildlife. Additional scenes were filmed in more controlled environments such as the zoo in Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

“In countries like Peru or Ecuador that still do not have a film commission," López-Mobilia adds, "bureaucracy often complicates the process.”

"The hardest part of the project was to get, at the last minute due to changes that occur in a project of this type, film permissions and special permits for the required routes in the Galapagos. This film was a success despite the bumps that appeared on the road and in a special environment such as the jungle and the Galapagos, everyone had a very unique moment and the spot ends magically,” he finishes.

Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil
Production Company: Quad Productions, Paris
Production Service Company: Paqta Peru Productions, Lima
Executive Producers: Diego López-Mobilia and Stephanie Massart-Weit
Director: Bruno Aveillan


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