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Filming in Paris with Location Manager Arnaud Mathey Dreyfus

Arnaud started working in the production industry as a trainee Assistant Director in eastern France in the late 90s. He was put in charge of extras and also helped scout locations in his hometown. He has been a Location Scout and Manager since 2000.

What do you like most about being a Location Manager?

I like the responsibilities and challenges, and being part of a project from the start. I like being involved with co-ordinating the creation of everything across the various departments, from the Director through to the Production Manager, the Director of Photography, the Unit Manager, and then the production design, art department and so on.

What types of productions do you prefer working on and why?

Features, commercials and photo shoots. All projects are new adventures that start with new challenges.

I’m currently working with my associates to develop and launch a line production department to welcome all foreign projects. I have experience from The Da Vinci Code, Cheri by Stephen Frears, Rush Hour 3 by Brett Ratner and working with Xiao Xiong Chen.

What productions have you most enjoyed working on?

Jean Pierre Jeunet is a gifted director and is passionate about his art. He really knows how to film and to tell stories. I also appreciated working with Ron Howard and Todd Hallowell on The Da Vinci Code.

What has been your most challenging location assignment to date?

When I worked for Jean Pierre Jeunet I had to find the main location for the film, which was a battlefield with trenches. It was really hard work but very intense and very satisfying - a rich experience!

What sorts of locations are available in the places you cover?

At the moment I have the pleasure of managing about 900 locations in my file but every day I scout to find new places.

What are the most film-friendly hotels in Paris?

There are so many options in Paris. Wherever you go you are welcome most of the time.

Do you think France offers good production value?

Some shoots might take advantage of the Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP) to shoot in France. I think that all foreign directors and crews that have shot in France have been satisfied. The key to a good shoot is serious preparation and a good script.

What do you do in your spare time?

In the summer I go scuba diving, walking and swimming.

If you hadn’t become a Location Manager what would you have done instead?

From time to time I write, hoping to find the energy to make a film. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Thank you

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