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Brad Pitt war movie Fury uses unique German tank filming in UK

Brad Pitt’s new war film is set to use a unique and notorious German tank during its shoot on location in south-east England. Fury tells the story of a US tank crew behind enemy lines in Germany in World War II and will feature the world’s last remaining Tiger tank.

The Tiger was infamous during the war for its long-range strike capabilities and The Tank Museum in Bovington in Dorset has the world’s only remaining restored model, known as the Tiger 131. Pitt and his co-stars command a Sherman tank in the film, which is also being provided by the museum.

“Assisting the production crew has given us the opportunity to show our collection to millions of people,” said Museum Director Richard Smith, “while the publicity generated will allow us to engage with new audiences who may never have known about this part of history.”

“The Tiger was restored so that the public could fully appreciate what a truly fearsome machine it would have been during battle and now for the first time countless numbers of people will have the opportunity to see a genuine Tiger in a contemporary war film,” added Museum Curator David Willey.

Assisting the production crew has given us the opportunity to show our collection to millions of people.

Richard Smith, The Tank Museum

Fury is doubling south-east England for wartime Germany and is most likely taking advantage of the UK’s generous filming incentives.

The English Home Counties have historically been popular filming locations for big-budget productions recreating Occupied Europe. Steven Spielberg built a war-torn French village near Hatfield north of London for the final battle of Saving Private Ryan in the late 90s. He returned to the area as a producer for his World War II miniseries Band of Brothers a couple of years later.

(Image: David Ayer)


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