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Filming on location with commercials producer Laurie Boccaccio

Laurie Boccaccio has 15 years of experience as a commercials producer, working mainly for top production company MJZ. She talks to The Location Guide about her experiences filming around the world.

“I have been so fortunate to see and work in the most amazing places in the world,” Boccaccio explains: “I think working in an office all the time would probably break my spirit. I can see myself on the front line producing until I have a walker to help me walk and an oxygen tank when I can’t breathe! I love my job. I love the people I meet, the people I work with and the places I am asked to travel to.”

See below for a gallery of Laurie’s notable location filming experiences.

Filming on location in Bangkok for Axe's Super Bowl commercial:

"I pretty much love everywhere I have been. The experience is always exciting and challenging," she adds.

"The most difficult - probably China or Thailand. The language is impossible for me  to understand and the last few times I was there it was unbearably hot.

"The people in both of those countries were incredibly helpful and got us through the job with the usual hurdles but still left me wanting to return."

Filming on location in Mexico City for PlayStation:

"I love Mexico City and working with Kinema," says Boccaccio: "We have a very long standing relationship and friendship. When I shoot there it is like returning home. Jose Ludlow and his team are top notch."

Filming on location in the Canadian Rockies for Absolut Vodka:

Filming on location in Zermatt, Switzerland, for Nike.

"In the past few years I have traveled to Mexico City, Zermatt, Bangkok, the Canadian Rockies, London, Barcelona, Budapest, Auckland, Sydney, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bejing, Capetown and lots more," Boccaccio considers.

Filming on location in South Africa for US department store Kohl's:

Filming on location in New Zealand for Travelers Insurance:

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