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California Film Commission launches new annual locations directory

The California Film Commission has launched a new locations directory offering reports and features on filming in the state. LOCATION CALIFORNIA is available as both a digital and hard copy publication and will help promote the state’s production industry.

“LOCATION CALIFORNIA gives readers a glimpse into what it's like to work in California and why, despite all the competing incentives in other states and countries, there remains no substitute for shooting in the Golden State,” said California Film Commission Executive Director Amy Lemisch.

The new directory will look at productions filming in California and will include interviews with local crew, as well as updates on location developments and studio trends. In the first issue, the directory explores how Los Angeles can double for other cities, showcases many of California’s most famous filming locations and examines the issue of sustainability in the state’s production industry.

California faces a challenge tackling its long-term ‘runaway production’ problem, which has seen the state lose much of its big-budget feature and TV drama filming to other states and countries with more generous tax credits. The intention of the new directory is to spotlight the many production advantages still on offer in the state.

LOCATION CALIFORNIA gives readers a glimpse into what it's like to work in California.

Amy Lemisch, Executive Director of the California Film Commission

Production in California has in fact increased in recent months, but this has been largely due to a rise in the number of shoots working with lower budgets. Marvel’s superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier is among the handful of big-budget features to have filmed in the state in recent years.

California offers USD100 million a year in filming tax credits and these are allocated using a lottery system.


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