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New miniseries 24: Live Another Day to start London filming in February

Kiefer Sutherland’s new Jack Bauer action miniseries 24: Live Another Day will start filming on location in London in the next few weeks and will debut only a few months later in the spring. The production will be based at a warehouse space in the city while it films on location.

“Things will be blowing up: cars, double decker buses, things like that,” Sutherland told a press conference in California: “I'm sure we’ll be hated by a large portion of London for snarling up their traffic here and there, and for that I apologise in advance.”

The 24 drama series found instant fame in 2001 for its innovative ‘real-time’ structure and the show ran for eight seasons. Filming took place largely in California, although an Africa-set TV movie bridging seasons six and seven was shot on location in Cape Town.

Shooting in London has likely been made possible by the UK’s new TV tax credit, which was launched in mid-2013. The new filming incentive has also attracted the pilot of ABC Studios’ fairy tale TV series Galavant.

Studio facilities are at a premium in the UK and Film London recently announced it had negotiated the availability of more industrial space as a filming resource in the English capital.

The 24 production team will be using “alternative warehouse space”, which may mean that an existing building will be retrofitted for use as a studio, just as the time-travel miniseries Outlander has done in Scotland.

As a high-profile production, 24 may be able to negotiate access to some of London’s most famous landmarks. Tom Cruise’s upcoming sci-fi war drama Edge of Tomorrow (formerly All You Need Is Kill) spent a weekend filming in Trafalgar Square, a location that was also used for the BBC’s 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode The Day of the Doctor.

Bond movie Skyfall negotiated extensive use of Whitehall, as well as filming extended sequences on the London Underground.


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