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California authorities introduce bill to boost state filming incentives

Authorities in California have introduced a bill designed to boost the state’s formal filming incentive programme. Production professionals are looking to extend the incentives for another five years and expand the existing USD100 million annual film fund.

Supporters of the bill want the filming incentives to cover big-budget features and TV dramas. The existing programme does not support productions with budgets above USD75 million.

“This expanded and improved programme will go a long way towards making California more competitive with other states’ programmes,” said Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra, one of the bills’ co-sponsors: “Right now we’re getting our lunch handed to us by these other states. We simply can’t sit by and watch this USD17 billion-a-year sector of our economy continue to leave California.”

Added Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: “This legislation represents a prudent investment in the future of California's middle class, and its widespread geographic and bipartisan support reflects its importance to our state-wide economy.

We simply can’t sit by and watch this $17 billion-a-year sector of our economy continue to leave California.

Raul Bocanegra, California Assemblymember

“It comes at a critical moment, when other states and foreign countries are luring away thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenues that can pay for schools, infrastructure and public services across California. California is forced to turn away hundreds of productions every year because the current incentive is insufficient.”

The California Film & Television Production Alliance also voiced its support for the bill, highlighting that “in 2012 only one big-budget feature film was shot entirely in California, and in 2013, just 39 out of 137 one-hour television series were filmed” in the state.

Getting the support of California’s Governor Jerry Brown will be crucial to the bill’s success and the final vote will take place over the summer.


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