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Angles Unlimited India Productions films near New Delhi for Jaguar spot

Angles Unlimited India Productions filmed in and around New Delhi in India for a new spot for the Jaguar Land Rover F-Type and Range Rover Sport. The ad shows Indian Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan testing the cars at Silverstone in the UK, before shifting to locations in India.

The India scenes were filmed in New Delhi and also two hours away in a stone quarry in Faridabad.

“We chose this particular location because the place is so rugged, [with] rocky mountains just perfect for the Range Rover, which is specifically built for rough terrain,” explains Donna Pamei, Production Co-ordinator with Angles Unlimited Productions.

“Also, we very much appreciated for this particular location that no-one could imagine such a combination of terrain exists so close to a jam-packed city like New Delhi," Pamei adds: "It was a perfect combination of rugged mountain terrain with small water bodies - just what is required for off road and to test a vehicle such as the Range Rover.”

During this leg of the shoot the production team came across a herd of a hundred cattle. This could have been a delaying factor but the director instead decided to incorporate them into a scene and even managed to get multiple takes.

Getting the relevant filming permits was the biggest challenge the production team faced arranging the New Delhi scenes. Authorisation was needed from nine different municipal organisations for just two different filming locations.

“To film on the road takes at least three to four weeks to secure filming permission,” Pamei comments: “We have to chase the concerned authorities and departments very hard, gathering all patience one can have and yet be very polite at the same time!”

Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: FP Creative, UK
India production: Angles Unlimited India Productions, New Delhi
Line Producer: Kanika Raheja
Production Co-ordinator: Donna Pamei
Director of Photography: Akshay Singh
Director: Zac Assemakis


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