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The Avengers 2 starts filming on location in northern Italy

Superhero sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron is filming on location in the town of Aosta in northern Italy. Second-unit work has already taken place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and filming is also scheduled for the Korean capital Seoul.

The first Avengers movie filmed in the US, shooting much of its studio work in New Mexico and New York and doubling Cleveland, Ohio, for its New York-set finale. For the sequel, Marvel has relocated to London to take advantage of the UK’s generous filming incentives, but the Johannesburg and Seoul locations show a much broader international scope.

Marvel is developing a preference for UK filming locations, having filmed parts of the first Captain America movie in Liverpool and Manchester, doubling the cities for 1940s New York. The studio has since shot Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy in London, while also building up to the Avengers sequel. Marvel’s parent company Disney also owns Lucasfilm and the new Star Wars movie will film on location in London as well.

Marvel has relocated to London to take advantage of the UK’s generous filming incentives.

For its TV productions, Marvel is remaining in the US for the time being, although still following the most competitive filming incentives. Disney/Marvel has committed to filming five separate TV miniseries in New York in a massive production deal that will further cement the state’s reputation as a US hub.

The UK launched a TV tax credit in mid-2013 that has attracted Jack Bauer miniseries 24: Live Another Day and Disney Channel has announced its family TV movie Evermoor will film on location at Arley Hall & Gardens in Cheshire in northern England. Future Marvel TV productions could end up choosing the UK in the coming years.

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