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New filming facility for Miami as city makes deal with EUE/Screen Gems Studios

Miami is to get a new film studio facility through an USD11.5 million deal between city authorities and EUE/Screen Gems Studios. The Miami Entertainment Complex (MEC) could help attract productions on the scale of the long-running spy drama Burn Notice, which filmed in the city.

Filmmakers shooting at the MEC will have access to twin 15,000-square-foot sound stages, plus office space and editing suites.

Construction is expected to take about 15 months at a site in Miami’s Media and Entertainment District, at which point EUE/Screen Gems Studios will begin an initial ten-year lease of the facility.

“We are securing Miami as one of the top destinations for film production in the south-east [US],” said Marc D Sarnoff, Chairman of the Miami Omni Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA): “The creation of this mixed-use studio is a major step forward in revitalising the film industry in Miami and the Omni District.

“This studio will create hundreds of jobs and generate millions of dollars locally and regionally. As more productions see that Miami is serious about attracting the industry and that it has state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate major projects, the industry will be enhanced across the board.”

We are securing Miami as one of the top destinations for film production in the south-east.

Marc D Sarnoff, Chairman of Miami Omni CRA

Added Chris Cooney, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of EUE/Screen Gems Studios: “Miami offers a seasoned film community and experienced crew. The locations here are like no other in the country and the Hollywood community is very aware of the assets Florida offers. We are grateful to the CRA Board of Directors for their vote of confidence.”

The Miami Entertainment Complex will join a portfolio of filming facilities already managed by EUE/Screen Gems Studios in New York, Atlanta and Wilmington.

Florida has hosted high-profile recent successes like Dolphin Tale (right), but the production industry wants to further boost the state's appeal by increasing funding for its filming incentive, which is worth a base 20% of eligible local spending. A purpose-built, state-of-the-art film studio will also help broaden Miami’s appeal, as larger productions filming in the city in recent years have had to retrofit existing buildings to accommodate their studio needs.


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