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BBC period drama Peaky Blinders films limited scenes on location in Birmingham

The second series of the BBC’s period gangster drama Peaky Blinders has filmed limited scenes in Birmingham in central England. Although set in Birmingham in the early 1920s, the drama will spend most of its four-month shoot further north in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

As with the first series, Birmingham filming has centred on the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.

The location offers a small period town set that with the right set dressing can be dated from about the 1890s up to the 1930s. A popular filming location, the set was used by filmmaker Stephen Poliakoff for his period miniseries Dancing on the Edge.

“We would love to shoot the whole thing in Birmingham,” Producer Laurie Borg told the Birmingham Mail, “but unfortunately the period locations we need just don’t exist anymore. It’s a shame but that’s progress. But I can promise you, the scenes we’ve shot here are going to look stunning.”

We would love to shoot the whole thing in Birmingham but unfortunately the period locations we need just don’t exist anymore.

Laurie Borg, Producer

Added series creator and writer Steven Knight: “I am so pleased we will be able to continue to tell this story of a working class family living through extraordinary times in an extraordinary way. The Peaky Blinders will march on to many surprising places and fight astonishing battles as the 1920s begin to roar.”

Peaky Blinders was based at Studio 81 in Leeds for its first season. The show is a good example of the continuing prestige of high-end TV drama, having added movie star Tom Hardy to the cast for the second season. He will feature alongside Cillian Murphy.


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