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Stink films globally for Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign in Brazil

Production company Stink filmed on location around the world for Coca-Cola’s new marketing campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. One World, One Game features football fans in the Amazon, Palestine, Japan and Romania being gifted passes to the finals in Rio.

“At the core of this project was a search for genuine stories of football's power to transcend hardship,” explains Mungo Maclagan, an Executive Producer with Stink.

“It was very important for both directors and client to diligently research real stories - literally from the four corners of the Earth. The chosen regions also represent key markets for Coca-Cola and Brazil was important to include, as hosts for the World Cup.”

Filming took place from late-August to mid-October 2013. Outside Brazil, the production shot in communities in Ramallah in Palestine (with servicing from Ooops Films), Otsuchi in Japan (with servicing from AOI Pro) and also Caracal in Romania (with servicing from Domino).

Working with an experienced Roma researcher we were able to gain unprecedented access into an isolated community.

Mungo Maclagan, Stink

“We always wanted to avoid simply finding stories that revolved around poverty alone and the passion of the story we eventually found in Caracal made it clearly the strongest choice [of Eastern European locations],” Maclagan comments.

“Working with an experienced Roma researcher we were able to gain unprecedented access into an isolated community of Roma who modelled themselves on the passion of the Brazilian footballers despite living in poverty and isolation from the Romanian population.”

For the Brazil strand, the production team researched stories from across the country but wanted to avoid the relatively familiar tales of youngsters playing street games in the favelas of Rio. Instead they chose the isolated Amazon community of Gaviões.

“[They travelled] by foot and by boat to a makeshift pitch that was submerged underwater for half the year,” Maclagan observes, “yet still managed to top the peladao - or amateur league - against teams with far better access to equipment and facilities.”

While filming in remote communities brought logistical filmmaking issues, getting the selected fans to Rio was a challenge in itself.

“Many of these kids didn't even have passports, let alone any international travelling experience, so the logistics on this phase alone were huge!” Maclagan concludes.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Sao Paulo
Executive Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega and Icaro Doria
Producer: Kerli Teo
Production Company: Stink
Executive Producers: Daniel Bergmann and Mungo Maclagan
Producers: Nick Landon, Ai Yamamoto, Toni Moreno and Robert Bray
Production Service Companies: Ooops Films (Palestine), AOI Pro (Japan) and Domino (Romania)
Directors of Photography: Adam Kimmel, Senzo Ueno, Sebastian Blenkov, Luke Jacobs and Rik Zang
Director Lead: Ivan Zacharias
Additional Directors: Kosai Sekine, Josh Cole, Nacho Gayan and Norman Bates


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