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Bollywood star Anil Kapoor calls for better filming incentives in Florida

Bollywood star Anil Kapoor and filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt have called for better filming incentives in Florida. The pair were in Tampa for the 15th International Indian Film Academy Awards - informally known as the Bollywood Oscars - which were held in America for the first time.

Kapoor had reportedly been scouting Tampa locations for a film while in the city. However, Bright House Networks reported that both Kapoor and Bhatt emphasised the importance of strong regional filming incentives to make a Florida shoot more viable.

“We need some kind of financial support, which other cities and countries are offering all over the world,” explained Kapoor.

Added Bhatt: “No matter how much I might love your city, in case I don’t get the incentives, I won’t be able to make it.”

Florida offers a generous base filming incentive of 20% but a lack of available cash in the film fund has hindered efforts to attract major shoots in recent years. The state’s only long-running English-language TV drama, Burn Notice, came to an end last year, while Dexter and CSI: Miami were both shot in California, despite their Miami settings.

We need some kind of financial support, which other cities and countries are offering all over the world.

Anil Kapoor, Actor/Producer

The regional production industry is lobbying to have the state’s formal filming incentive extended to 2020 and to have USD300 million made available over that time period. Authorities in Miami recently made a deal to develop a new film studio in the city and a decision will be made this week on Florida's filming incentive programme.

New York, California and Louisiana are the top production hubs in the US, and Ontario and the UK are also attracting considerable business from US shoots seeking the best filming tax credits.

(Main page image: Miami Beach Film Office/Graham Winick)


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