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Australian TV broadcaster makes content deal with Shanghai Media Group in China

The Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC International arm has made a major deal with the Shanghai Media Group to make its content available in China. Part of the agreement includes the Australian company having a Shanghai base to set up projects such as international co-productions.

Due to be formalised in the next few weeks, the deal involves “international multi-platform media co-operation” and will make Australian television content available to Chinese audiences through an online portal via Chinese media partners.

“This historic agreement opens up a whole new world of television and online co-operation between Australia and China,” said ABC’s Managing Director Mark Scott: “It provides a truly unique window for all Australian media to build a friendly and mutually co-operative relationship with China.”

“International Channel Shanghai last week broadcast a week of Australian TV programmes provided by the ABC and Australia Network to coincide with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit. Q&A’s live broadcast in China was the first open interactive public comment style programme broadcast live from China to Australia. The success of last week and the future under this agreement will help build understanding between China and Australia.”

Added Lynley Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of ABC International: “This agreement will enable us to put the full range of Australia Network programming and content from other Australian media into China and for China to connect more closely with our media.

“Most importantly, the agreement will provide opportunities for promotion of Australian business, tourism, entertainment, culture and education.”

This historic agreement opens up a whole new world of television and online cooperation between Australia and China.

Mark Scott, Managing Director of ABC

In other Australia/China news, AMPCO Studios in Melbourne has made three major film deals with China. The studios will work with Shanghai Film and Video Technology Company on romantic comedy Tying the Knot and, separately, with Chinawood Media Corporation on the drama Shimalaya, set in the Himalayas during World War II.

AMPCO Studios will also work with Shanghai YaoQiao Culture Development on a China Co-production Film Fund. This will use starting capital of AUD15 million to help finance features made as Australia-China Treaty Co-Productions.


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