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Rabbicorn Media doubles Spain for global locations filming new BMW campaign

Rabbicorn Media filmed on location in north-east Spain for a new campaign for BMW, doubling the region for global locations. Manifesto was directed by Marco Gentile and explores what BMW ownership means for drivers around the world.

The production team spent just two weeks prepping the shoot, working with Spanish servicing company Mamma Team. Spain was the only filming location considered because of the range of locations available and the weather.

“We shot in Barcelona and surroundings,” explains Gentile: “We went to Sitges (south of Barcelona) and to countryside locations. We also shot in a desert about three hours from the city.
The film takes place in many places around the world, from Europe to Asia, from the US to South America.”

Adds Toni Schulz of Mamma Team: “The brief was to cover deserts, coastal roads, a beach, green roads, nature spots and a race track among others. Some locations had to double other spots around the globe like Mexico and Argentina, and some others had to look neutral. Barcelona is great for this kind of project."

“Also," Schulz adds, "one of the most enjoyable challenges was to get this selection of old BMW cars together, and of course, having our special guest the kangaroo was quite fun as well.”

Spain remains a hugely popular commercial filming location. Quad recently turned springtime into winter in Valencia in a new spot for Peugeot and ACNE London tested features of the Mazda 3 on location in Barcelona. Volvo Trucks also shot a series of hugely successful spots in the country, including The Epic Split with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

BMW Credits:
Client: BMW
Agency: Service Plan
Production Company: Rabbicorn Media
Production Service Company: Mamma Team
Director of Photography: Ekkehart Pollak
Director: Marco Gentile


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