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Rabel Films shoots global locations in Thailand for Spring Tea

Israeli production company Rabel Films shot in Thailand for a new commercial for Spring Tea, doubling the country for a series of international locations. Spring Tea Journey shows a young man recalling the highlights of an event-filled round-the-world backpacking trip.

“We filmed the commercial in Bangkok, Chonburi (east of Bangkok) and Ko chang (in south-east Thailand),” explains Kevin Singh of servicing company Benetone Films.

“The particular locations were chosen to match with each of the different places shown in the commercial. The first two days involved shooting in three different locations in Bangkok, which was challenging owing to the traffic and congestion in the city.

“The third day started out in Chonburi for the motorcycle scene, before moving to Ko Chang for the elephant scene. The fourth day was for the sunrise, the waterfall and the hospital - all at Ko Chang.”

A guerrilla style of shooting was adopted as the production team was moving around a lot, and set dressing was kept to a minimum.

“Thailand doubled up for Africa in the scene of the guy dancing with the African tribe, which was shot in a local park,” Singh adds: “The Brazilian dancing sequence was shot near the Lumpini boxing stage in Bangkok. The monk dancing scene was set to match Chinese temple locations, which we also shot in the park. Finally, a local common market was used for the Asian settings.”

Client: Spring Tea
Production Company: Rabel Films, Israel
Producer: Dror Nimcowicz
Production Service Company: Benetone Films, Bangkok
Production Manager: Talia Angel
Director of Photography: Nitay Netzer
Director: Aviv Maaravi

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