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North Carolina production industry to rally to support filming incentive renewal

Production professionals in North Carolina will rally this weekend in support of the state’s filming incentive. The 25% filming incentive is set to expire at the end of this year and the production industry is concerned shoots like Stephen King’s Under the Dome will film elsewhere.

The North Carolina Production Alliance (NCPA) and the Wilmington Film Commission are among the organisers of the 4 May rally as part of a broader campaign to extend the state’s filming tax credits.

“The rally is just the beginning of what we hope is a very successful legislative session [from mid-May],” said NCPA spokeswoman Katy Feinberg: “So many local families depend upon film for steady work and this is a great opportunity to show the community that we value their support and recognise the hundreds of folks who want to get more involved.”

In recent years North Carolina has hosted high-profile features like’s Marvel’s comic-book sequel Iron Man 3 and the first Hunger Games movie. Television productions have included three seasons of Homeland, as well as the hit supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow and Stephen King's Under the Dome.

An April study found that the filming incentive delivered nearly ten times its cost over a five-year period, which would suggest the tax credit is a strong long-term investment. However, these figures have been disputed by opponents of the programme who feel the money would be better spent elsewhere.

The North Carolina Production Alliance formed in January to lobby in support of the filming incentive and the state-wide production industry.


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