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Black Hand Cinema doubles Lisbon for Rio de Janeiro in new Shakira promo

Los Angeles-based Black Hand Cinema filmed on location in the Portuguese capital Lisbon for Shakira’s new video Dare (La La La). The city was chosen as a double for Rio de Janeiro and the track itself is part of the official soundtrack for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The production team considered filming locations in Spain but was drawn in the end to the cheaper production costs in Portugal and the larger, more visible Brazilian community.

“We filmed in the heart of Lisbon (where we see the big red flag), Parque Eduardo VII, mid-town where we created a big traffic jam, and in the design district at Portuguese Pavilion,” explain Susana Oliveira and Silvia Reis of servicing company Production Services Portugal.

Filming locations were largely unchanged and the shoot extended over a single long day. The biggest challenge was keeping everything low-key in a bid to shield Shakira’s presence from the local media.

The production team considered filming locations in Spain but was drawn in the end to Portugal’s cheaper production costs and the larger, more visible Brazilian community.

Portugal’s international production profile is on the rise. Lisbon launched a film commission in early 2013 in a bid to reduce bureaucracy and shorten the time needed to clear location filming permits.

Earlier this year Stink came to Portugal for two separate commercial projects. Stink’s digital branch used a specially adapted OctoCopter camera rig to film a 720-degree viewpoint over a scenic valley in the north of the country for Japanese contact lens brand Miru.

More recently, the production company filmed near Lisbon for a commercial shoot for IKEA that involved setting up hundreds of LED lights in the forested area of Sintra.

Artist: Shakira
Client: Universal Music
Production Company: Black Hand Cinema
Producer: Heather Heller
Production Service Company: Production Services Portugal
Executive Producer (PSP): Patricia Lino
Line Producer (PSP): Silvia Reis
Director of Photography: Jonh Perez
Director: Anthony Mandler


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