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Annex Films shoots vignette spots in South Africa for Samsung Galaxy NotePro

London-based Annex Films shot on location in Cape Town for a new three-part campaign promoting the Samsung Galaxy NotePro. The comic vignettes focus on individuals feeling downtrodden in life who find things made easier by the NotePro.

“We had worked a lot in Cape Town before so we were drawn to the variety of local settings,” explains producer Hans Elias of Annex Films: “You have coastline, a city, urban and desert environments within a 90-minute driving radius of each other, plus a good exchange rate.”

The production team filmed at 11 different locations over three days, but tentative plans for studio work were jettisoned in favour of multiple interior set builds while on location.

Adds Chris McCann of Cape Town servicing company Velocity Films: “The biggest challenge we had was to sit with Sebastien, our director, and Hans Elias of The Annex, to schedule the vast amount of different shots the director needed in order to complete his three stories. I think between us we came up with a great achievable plan. Superb teamwork and great cast made this production a pleasure.”

Elias concludes: “The setting is global but with a US slant and some of the desert scenes are intended to recall South American settings like Chile.”

South Africa is a hugely popular international filming location and has recently hosted shoots for Dulux, Toyota Land Cruiser and Guinness. Pirate drama miniseries Black Sails is based at Cape Town Film Studios and the city is increasingly being used as a double for US locations.

Client: Samsung
Agency: Jam
Agency Head of Film: Drew Wolf
Creative Director: Chris De Abreu
Lead Agency Producer: Sagal Aden
Production Company: Annex Films, London
Producer: Hans Elias
Production Service Company: Velocity Films, Cape Town
Producer: Chris McCann
Director of Photography: Eugenio Galli
Director: Sebastien Petretti


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