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Cannes Lions Soiree Partner 2014: Production Service Network

Production Service Network (PSN) has joined The Location Guide as a partner for our Soiree at the Cannes Lions Festival. The PSN was launched earlier this year by Camino Media and has partners in a dozen different European countries, all offering production service expertise.

“Our Network's expanding reach and depth of knowledge in each partner country position us to engage in critical story development decisions with creatives unsure about where to shoot,” explains PSN's Director of Production, Michael Moffett: “We can review a board and treatment with an eye toward determining where the story can best be accomplished within a client's particular budget.

“We do believe our Network will grow, but we remain decided in doing so at a deliberate pace to ensure we continue to deliver the quality production services on location that our clients expect. These first few months have served to consolidate our operations as well as establish our position in the industry.

“That's where the Production Service Network's co-hosting of The Location Guide’s Soiree comes into play. We know we have to make a mark at the commercial film industry's premier event and we believe there's no classier way to do so than by inviting our clients and like-minded professionals to join us on the pier."

The PSN was launched earlier this year by Camino Media and has partners in a dozen different European countries.

“Several of our partners from across Europe will be toasting to the setting sun with us," Moffett adds: "There's no better location to mingle, until we're actually on location in a partner country to help produce our client's stories.”

In recent months, PSN partners have worked on a shoot in Austria, Hungary and Germany for Australian tourism operator APT and a Sony PlayStation commercial production that was shot in the UK, Germany, Italy and France.

To find out more about Production Service Network click here or visit their website here.

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