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International co-production The Games Maker films on location in Buenos Aires

Fantasy drama The Games Maker filmed on location in Buenos Aires as an co-production between Argentina, Canada and Italy. Based on a novel by Argentine writer Pablo de Santis, the film tells the story of a boy whose love of board games pits him against an evil inventor in a fantastical city.

Filming took place in Buenos Aires partly to honour the story’s Argentine roots. Locations were split between studio shooting, adapted warehouse space for visual effects work and parts of the city like Palermo’s Rosedal (Rose Park) and the residential neighbourhood of Villa Crespo.

“The greatest challenge of this movie was to be able to find locations that allowed us to achieve our aesthetical ideas, always keeping in mind that we had to work with a tight budget, unlike other movies of this genre,” explains production manager Verónica Cura.

“In terms of locations, [challenges included] finding places that looked timeless, stunning and original, that could be intervened with constructions on set and that were big enough to work with the 3D rigs and the special grips. Another big challenge was to mix foreign actors with the Argentine ones, in order to achieve local recognition, as well as an international and commercial look.”

Adds Buenos Aires Film Commission co-ordinator Camila Gil: “As a film commission, we were pleased to have this production set in Buenos Aires because it combined local talent and resources with sets in real locations of the city.”

Buenos Aires is a production hub in South America and centuries of colonial heritage mean that the city routinely doubles for locations around the world, and particularly Europe.

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