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Only 925 films Technocrane spot on Mallorca beach for Amstel Radler

Madrid-based production company Only 925 filmed an eye-catching Technocrane spot on Muro Beach on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca for Amstel Radler. The camera weaves from sunbathers through a bat-and-ball game and a beach hut in an impressive single shot.

“The funny part of what we are doing is that nowadays this would be done with different layers of post-production, but we are doing it for real with a Technocrane,” explains director Rodrigo Cortés.

“[It took] complex choreography in-camera but especially outside the camera in order to achieve our goal. All the components which compose the frame are placed in their position one microsecond before they appear on camera, looking like they were always there. And the movement that is theoretically impossible is composing itself in front of our eyes, without any effects or post-production.”

Mallorca is a popular filming location with recent international production credits including British TV series Mad Dogs and the ambitious feature Cloud Atlas, co-directed by the Wachowski siblings.

Spain is reportedly planning a formal 20% filming incentive in a bid to attract more international shoots. The Canary Islands already offer a Special Tax Zone, which has been a major appeal for Hollywood productions in recent years, although shoots such as Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings have used EU tax break routes to reduce the cost of filming on the mainland.

A formal filming incentive will help boost Spain’s international profile, but the government is under pressure to match generous programmes available elsewhere in Europe, such as the UK and France.

Client: Amstel
Agency: LOLA
Production Company: Only 925, Madrid
Executive Producer: Mª Jesús Horcajuelo
Production Service Company: Palma Pictures, Mallorca
International Producer: Stefano Bajetto
Director of Photography: Rafa García
Director: Rodrigo Cortés


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