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New China filming incentives could boost international production interest

New filming incentives announced by China as a way of boosting its domestic production industry could also grab the attention of international producers. An annual subsidy worth USD16 million has been set up to support up to ten Chinese movies a year.

The new incentives particularly encourage film production and distribution in rural parts of China and are being viewed as a way of promoting the government’s message across the country. International

“The manner in which this incentive is constructed is likely to lead to a new generation of pro-Chinese films and increasing interest in how Western film production companies can access the Chinese market with local partners to take advantage of these incentives,” said Chris Devonshire-Ellis of Dezan Shira & Associates, in comments to China Briefing: “As always with China, the money flows with the government’s political ends.”

China allows only a limited number of international films to be released theatrically each year and movies are often censored or abruptly pulled from cinemas. However, movies that secure official co-production status can bypass the strict release quota for better access to the country’s lucrative market. Marvel’s superhero sequel Iron Man 3 took a slightly different approach, filming limited scenes in Beijing and releasing a separate cut of the movie for the Chinese market.

Movies that secure official co-production status can bypass China's strict release quota for better access to the country's lucrative market.

Transformers: Age of Extinction negotiated with the Chinese government and ended up filming for several weeks on location in Hong Kong and mainland China. A Hong Kong set was built in central Detroit for more intense action scenes.

China is also taking a greater interest in Hollywood and Britain. The country signed a co-production deal with the UK in April this year and the state-owned China Film Group has invested in upcoming fantasy dramas Warcraft and Seventh Son.


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