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FilmLA cautious as Los Angeles posts television filming boost for Q2

Television filming in Los Angeles rose more than 30% over the past three months, but FilmLA said the figure should be seen in a broader context. The organisation said the boost was down to “production schedule shifts” and should not distract from the challenge of LA’s long-term filming decline.

Significantly, television filming in the first three months of the year declined nearly 10%, partly because of production delays. This helps account for the second-quarter boost and the fact that new and returning TV shows are premiering over the summer.

“FilmLA is committed to broadening understanding of California film industry trends and practices,” said Paul Audley, President of FilmLA: “Today’s report illustrates the challenges we sometimes face in interpreting film industry data. It’s crucial that observers understand the losses the region has already suffered, so as to view reported short-term gains with the proper perspective.

“History teaches us how quickly apparent gains in local production can be swept away. Strengthening the programmes that make California competitive and attractive for filming is essential to our state’s long-term prosperity.”

California’s filming incentive programme offers USD100 million a year that is allocated using a lottery system, but big-budget features and TV dramas are not eligible for support. Almost 500 productions applied for the incentive this year and earlier this month just 26 were given preliminary approval for support, with the rest having to join a waiting list.

This year for the first time New York overtook Los Angeles as the most popular city in North America for TV drama pilots.


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