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Netflix to film new crime miniseries Marseille on location in France

Netflix will film its new crime miniseries Marseille entirely on location in France. The drama will tell the story of a long-serving Mayor fighting a vicious re-election campaign in a city ruled by drug lords and corruption. Paris-based Federation Entertainment will produce.

Marseille is specifically intended to emulate the political intrigue of Netflix’s international US hit House of Cards, which is starting to shoot its third season on location in Maryland.

"Marseille will take the audience right into the political arena where the old regime of traditional politicians is getting ready to face the younger generation of predators, thugs, and sometimes their own heirs,” said producer Pascal Breton.

“Netflix is giving us the perfect opportunity to tell this story from a uniquely French viewpoint, in association with some of France's best writers and directors. Produced entirely in France, Marseille has the potential to become one of the most gripping television events of the coming years.”

Added Florent-Emilio Siri, director of the drama’s opening two episodes: “Movies today sacrifice a lot to almighty pacing and often lose the essential: the characters. Current TV series do exactly the opposite – they stretch time and work characters in depth with all their complexities and contradictions. That's what makes for their success.

“The movie business in France today confines itself to comedy or what is called 'author cinema.' TV series give movie directors the potential of a new opportunity to be able to explore and express their talents within the full extent of their art. This is why I'm really eager to work on Marseille.”

Screen agency Film France administers the country’s Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP), which is available to shoots filming in France and its territories.


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